Mobile Data

Datonics offers a comprehensive data set targeted towards the mobile user. The same audiences that are available via cookie targeting are also available for targeting on over 150M mobile users in North America. 


Our automotive data covers users searching for over 100 makes and models. Target users as they search for vehicle types, brands, as well as car parts. Combine this with our demographic segments for your retargeting or modeling campaigns.


Reach students and their parents preparing for the upcoming semester, target audiences such as college students, parents to grade-schoolers, back to school shopping and more. 


The business decision maker audience is one of the most challenging to reach. Datonics provides multiple targeting parameters including decision maker type (IT BDM, Sales BDM, etc) professionals by industry as well as decision makers by company size. 


Identify users who have searched for brands and products online as well as users who have made past purchases from specific stores or brands.  


Our demographic data includes standard age, gender, educational level, household income, marital status and property ownership.  


Target gamers by system type as well as hardcore gamers and mobile gamers.


Our segments are broken down by holiday shopping events.Additionally, we have segments in the electronics, hobbies & interests, style & fashion and telecommunication categories that are aligned with holiday products. 


Datonics has specialized in search intent data for the past decade, working with websites where granular searches are taking place. We compile this data from shopping sites, product review sites, price comparison engines and other product related sites to identify users who are currently in market. 


In addition to our standard prepackaged segments, Datonics also sources premium transactional, life trigger, store/product affinity and household data.