Monetize Your Data

Datonics Post-Search® Retargeting Solution offers data providers a unique opportunity to generate cost free incremental revenue from your most valuable untapped asset – website visitor behavior – without affecting core revenue generating efforts.

Our Post-Search® Retargeting solution simply collects anonymous user data from your website and uses it to help deliver more relevant ads outside your site. When one of your cookied site visitors visits a Datonics partner site that has available ad space, a relevant, targeted ad may be displayed to them.

Incremental Revenue With No Opportunity Cost

Datonics pays you for sharing anonymous behavioral information about your users. There is no cost to participate and no impact on your current revenue generation efforts.

Minimum Effort, Maximum ROI

Becoming a Datonics Data Provider is easy. A typical implementation takes less than 30 minutes. 

Always Respecting User Privacy

Datonics is a recognized leader in and takes a pro-active approach to online privacy. We only collect anonymous user information, never collect sensitive (Adult, Gambling, Health) information, and never collect any personally-identifiable information. More information on our commitment to privacy may be found in our Consumer Privacy Center.

Value-Added Analytics

Joining Datonics Post-Search® Retargeting Solution entitles you to a log-in to our Reports Portal, where you’ll be able to view and download detailed analytics on your site visitors’ behaviors, both within and outside your site.