About Us

Datonics (www.datonics.com), a subsidiary of AlmondNet, is the Internet's leading independent aggregator and distributor of highly granular and proprietary search, purchase-intent, life-stage, B2B, demographic and premium data. Datonics' 1,000+ pre-packaged segments and unlimited number of custom keyword-derived segments facilitate the delivery of highly relevant, privacy-sensitive ads to consumers on all of their devices. Datonics is headquartered in New York City with a research and development center in Tel Aviv, Israel. Datonics is a member of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI).

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Datonics products may utilize one or more U.S. patents, see https://www.almondnet.com/ip


Our Parent Company – AlmondNet Group

Founded in 1998, the AlmondNet Group is made up of the parent company AlmondNet (www.almondnet.com) and its subsidiaries Datonics and Intent IQ. The parent company AlmondNet Inc., which has developed an extensive suite of industry-leading targeted advertising solutions and products, is focused on R&D and the licensing of its extensive portfolio of enabling technology and Intellectual Property including over 100 granted patents covering numerous areas of the targeting landscape and ecosystem, including profile based bidding, behavioral targeting, data monetization and cross device addressable advertising and attribution.

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