The Story Behind Custom Segments

By: Tehila Oppenheim, Head of Data Analysis and Operations, Datonics

Programmatic advertising has made monumental leaps for improving overall advertising performance. These enhancements come about when experts choose the best media for their ads, the best formula of social & display, as well as demographic or life-stage segments that fit best with the intended audience. The best behavioral interest segments increase ROI so you'll spend less and earn much more.

When AlmondNet Data Division (spun off as Datonics) began offering pre-packaged segments to ad-networks 13 or more years ago, I was amazed by how many segments had different names but near similar meanings. There were so many segments to choose from.

We identified this as a problem and aimed to solve it by understanding the properties of our segments. We put a lot of effort into documentations with tens of pages and too many long excel tables and sheets describing what exactly can be found in each of our segments. In this process, we realized we were complicating matters more! Who has the time to learn all of this when every quarter we were adding more and more segments?

While at first this issue seemed a nuisance, we quickly realized that campaign performance might also be affected by the plethora of segments. Media buyers were selecting the same segments for campaigns rather than trying to find more specific segments that might be better fits.

Custom Segments

This is how the decision to offer custom segments came about. We developed an internal team to focus on creating custom segments to help our partners. This team knew our data inside and out. They understood the type of information being classified to our pre-packaged segments and focused on working closely with our partners to help them reach their audiences in the best way possible.

The idea was to give our partners this “extra" service: extra attention to their desired audience, extra care for what is specifically good for them and what is not, extra ideas for the best segments for them by knowing the source of the data and the way it is being classified. 

By suggesting the custom segments service to our partners, we learned about the initial requirements and lists of terms advertisers ask from their programmatic advertising specialists, and we started offering more. More terms for search targeted campaigns and more attributes for audience targeted campaigns. Our knowledge about the data resulted in a great exchange between us and our partners that was mutually beneficial. We discovered that in 90% of the cases, our suggestions were added to their campaigns.

In advertising "Knowledge is power". In data, knowledge is powerful.